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World Top Richest as of 2020

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USA World Top Billionaire as of 2020

1. Jeff Bezos– Jeff Bezos has founded Amazon.com in the garage of his Seattle home in 1994, it exclusively as an online book retailer at that time that divert to eCommerce and as one of the biggest Online store in the world..

Age: 56

Country: US

Industry: Technology

Source of wealth: Self-made; Amazon

Net worth : Up by $71.9 billion year on year

Jeff Bezos earned his massive fortune by introducing ecommerce to the world. After spending time in finance on Wall Street, The company went public three years later and has since grown to include everything from furniture to food to Amazon’s own consumer-electronics products. He also owned space company called Blue Origin, which successfully launched its first spacecraft in 2015, and The Washington Post, one of the online biggest newspaper that he bought in 2013.

2. Bill Gates — Bill Gates owned the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the world’s largest private charitable foundation.

AGE : 64

CEO of Microsoft,


EDUCATION : Harvard University

In May 2020, the Gates Foundation said it would spend $300 million to fight the coronavirus pandemic, funding treatment, detection and vaccines.Gates has sold or given away much of his stake in Microsoft — he owns just over 1% of shares — and invested in a mix of stocks and other assets.In mid-March 2020, Gates stepped down as a board member of Microsoft, the software firm he founded with Paul Allen (d. 2018) in 1975.The foundation works to improve global health and to create equal opportunity for people around the globe.To date, Gates has donated $35.8 billion worth of Microsoft stock to the Gates Foundation.

3.Mark Zuckerberg — Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at Harvard in 2004 at the age of 19 for students to match names with photos of classmates.He took Facebook public in May 2012 and still owns about 15% of the stock. President and CEO of Facebook. the biggest social network in the WORLD he starts and has become a go-to communications tool during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

AGE : 36

CEO and President of Facebook


EDUCATION : HarvardvUniversity

In December 2015, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, pledged to give away 99% of their Facebook stake over their lifetimes. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Precilla Chan Initiative, his philanthropic and advocacy arm, announced it would help quadruple the Bay Area’s COVID-19 testing capacity.

4. Warren Buffett — Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors of all time.

AGE : 89

President and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway


EDUCATION : Bachelor of Arts/Science, University of Nebraska Lincoln; Master of Science, Columbia University

Buffett runs Berkshire Hathaway, which owns more than 60 companies, including insurer Geico, battery maker Duracell and restaurant chain Dairy Queen.The son of a U.S. congressman, he first bought stock at age 11 and first filed taxes at age 13.He’s promised to donate over 99% of his wealth. So far he has given more than $41 billion away.In 2010, he and Gates launched the Giving Pledge, asking billionaires to commit to donating half their wealth to charitable causes.

5.Elon Musk — Elon Musk is working to revolutionize transportation both on Earth, through electric car maker Tesla — and in space, via rocket producer SpaceX.

AGE : 49

President and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX


EDUCATION : Bachelor of Arts/Science, University of Pennsylvania

He owns 21% of Tesla but has pledged more than half his stake as collateral for loans; Forbes has discounted his stake to take the loans into account.He settled with the SEC in September 2018 for making alleged “false statements” about a plan to take Tesla private, and had to step down as chairman. SpaceX, Musk’s rocket company, is now valued at nearly $36 billion.He grew up in South Africa, then immigrated to Canada at age 17. He landed in the U.S. as a transfer student to the University of Pennsylvania.

6. Larry Ellison –Larry Ellison teamed up with two colleagues from an electronics company to start their own programming firm, which landed a contract not long after to build a relational database-management system for the CIA under the project code Oracle.

Age: 75

President and CEO of Oracle

Net worth :Up by $5.18 billion year over year

Started in 1977 and Become one of the biggest Technology Company in The World. The project grew into what is known today as Oracle Corp., currently valued at $170.31 billion. In 2010, Ellison reduced his annual salary from $1 million to $1, but he still takes in more than $60 million in total compensation thanks to generous stock awards. Ellison stepped down as CEO in 2014 after 38 years on the job and took on the role of chief technology officer.

The tech tycoon is also a generous philanthropist through partnerships with wildlife conservation groups and the Lawrence Ellison Foundation, which supports organizations that research aging and global infectious diseases. He’s also a member of Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge, committing to give away at least half of his fortune.

Sourced — Bloomberg

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