CSC Reviewer Question and Answer 2020 Update

614 ViewsIn each of the following questions, find the word that is misspelled. If all of the words are spelled correctly, choose answer d. 1.a. womenb. peoplec. babysd. no mistakes 2.a. radiosb. leavesc. alumnid. no mistakes 3.a. anouncementb. advisementc. descriptiond. no mistakes 4.a. omissionb. aislec. litratured. no mistakes 5.a. informalb. serventc. comfortabled. no mistakes 6.a. vegetableb. widthc. variationd. no mistakes 7.a. twentiethb. fortiethc. ninetiethd. no mistakes 8.a. associacionb. unnecessaryc. illegald. no mistakes 9.a. villinb. volunteerc. voraciousd. no mistakes 10.a. hindrenceb. equippedc. possessived. no mistakes 11.a. procedureb. judgmentc. testamonyd. no mistakes 12.a. explicitb. abductc. rotated. no mistakes 13.a. throughb. threwc. thoroughd. no mistakes 14.a. quantatyb. qualityc. quaintd. no mistakes 15.a. requirementb. reverencec. resistentd. no mistakes 16.a. incorporateb. contridictc. exhaled. no …

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Ongoing Online Job Search Opportunities by CSC

1,166 ViewsGOOD NEWS! To all aspiring applicants want to join an online career services or Online Job Hunting in Coming weeks. Join the event by completing first the online Agency profile through the link HERE starting 1, July 2020 and shall end on 10, September 2020. 1. THE GOVERNMENT ONLINE CAREER FAIR In celebration of the 120th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary, …

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PNP-NUP Job Hiring 2020

1,994 ViewsANNOUNCEMENT – To All Interested Applicants for PNP-NUP, PNP Maritime Group now is looking for the said position. Application for Non-Uniformed Personnel (NUP) Vacant Position for Administrative Assistant III (MECHANIC III) with Salary Grade 9 (PHP18,784.00) Applicant Qualification: A Graduate from Automotive Mechanical Assembly Course or TESDA Degree Program; Knows how to Operates lathe …

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Department Of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Job Hiring

1,322 ViewsGOOD NEWS! The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is the executive department of the Philippine government responsible for governing and supervising the exploration, development, utilization, and conservation of the country’s natural resources.- DENR To all aspiring applicants looking a descent and permanent Jobs, DENR now is looking at your service. The Department of …

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