Police Lieutenant General Vicente D Danao Jr. as New CPNP OIC

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PNP Chief Police General Dionardo B Carlos will step down as a Chief PNP. His successor Police Lieutenant General Vicente D Danao Jr. will take over the highest position in Philippine National Police effective as of this this date. He urged the country’s 225,000-strong police force to rally behind the leadership of Police Lieutenant General Vicente D Danao Jr., who was named by President Rodrigo R Duterte as PNP Officer-in-Charge.

Retirees CPNP last word to PNP organisation. “Upon my retirement, I shall pass on the baton of leadership of the Philippine National Police to Police Lieutenant General Vicente D Danao Jr., the Deputy Chief for Operations, a fine officer whom I look up to with great respect and admiration,” Carlos said.

“My retirement will not in any way hamper the current preoccupation of the PNP to guarantee secure, accurate, free and fair elections on May 9th. The dynamics of the police service ensures seamless continuity of command to carry on with unfinished tasks and ongoing programs,” the Chief PNP added.

Incoming CPNP OIC Police Lieutenant General Danao is a member of the illustrious Philippine Military Academy “Sambisig” Class of 1991.

He was a District Director of Manila Police District and PNP Regional Director of CALABARZON and Metro Manila before he was elevated to the PNP Command Group as The Chief of Directorial Staff and later as The Deputy Chief for Operations.

Source: facebook.com/GeneralDionardCarlos

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