PNP-RSS Announcement and Instruction For PNP Applicants March 2021

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Good News, To all applicants that have QR codes, Please be reminded of the following Instruction from PNP-RSS.

1. Visit your dentist for a dental check-up prior to reporting at the recruitment venue.
2. Bring your normal ECG result issued by a government hospital/doctor
3. Bring your RT-PCR with a negative result (within 48 hours)

Prior to the schedule and upon receipt of the announcement notice to report at the venue, submit the required ECG and RT-PCR report results and documentary requirements and coordinate with your respective unit/office
recruitment officer as to your processing schedule and room assignment at the recruitment venue.

Procedure for the recruitment process

1. Day 1 – Initial Body Mass Index with Value of 27 and Physical and Psychiatric Examination (PPE), Written Examination in the morning, and oral/interview in the afternoon.
2. Day 2 – Physical Agility Test (PAT)
3. Day 3 – Physical medical and Dental Examination (PMDE)

ALL Applicants are required to pass all the events of PAT and must meet the following minimum standard
A. Sit-Up Male -35
Female- 25
B. Push-Up Male -35
Female- 25
C. 3KM Run Male 19 Minutes
Female 21 Minutes

for further details and instruction, open your communication lines at all times and wait for notice and announcement of your respective unit/office recruitment officer.

Source and Courtesy: PNP-RSS FB Page

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