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How much you expect to earn in writing on the medium Platform?

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“Do you wish to make more money with your writing?”

What Is medium Website Platform?

Medium always E-mailed a writers newsletter providing with some useful earn from the prior month’s earnings.Example of this Is on last month earning. it said that 8.3% of active writers earned over $100 the most biggest earned by a writer was $17,914.66, and $7,732.85 was the most earned for a single story.

On an average all of 8.3% of active writers earned over $100, the most earned by a writer was $23,464 of all total and $6,491 was the most earned for a single story. Now, but you as medium writer how you can cross the $100 mark each month to become part of that coveted 8% or to earn more money than the other 92%?

The writers that make thousands of dollars each month with a single story is the writer who focus on their article but not the others earning.Have you ever considered the possibility of become one of them?

This question has been the subject of hundred of experiments all over the world in behavioral writer. Psychologists have shown that the most people would prefer to make $80,000 when others around them are making $50,000 .

Since I started writing on Medium a month ago, I’ve read at lot of books and medium article also especially content that have worth and inspiring about writing on Medium.There’s nothing special about the writers that are in the top of this game. Only I know is they focus on their article on how they delivered it nicely and intelligently.you don’t need it to say or wish to become a top please stop yourself trading them to discourage yourself.

How to Achieve Your Goals? What do you do with all the extra time on your hands once you stop publishing average articles?

For marketing on Medium, if your best strategy involves on lucky charm, then it’s time to get a reality check on yourself. Stop self-publishing your articles to an audience that doesn’t exist or stop it when they don’t get noticed you.

Remember that when a publication doesn’t accept your article, it only means it’s either not a good article or not fit on publication description, or else you need to make a few changes and send it to another publication. But no matter what, you keep trying and trying until you succeed or until your goal be reach.

Starting up an article or to start an article writer?it’s a big deal or hard to make it to the top 8% at a beginners on this career. And, in fact, to make money at all with your writing is a big laugh. But it’s time for you to get over and start what you wish and dream for.

How to Set Better Goals? Do you know what’s better than a thousand dollars a year?

There are just two things on how to make a better writer:

  • Improve your writing and focus on your content.
  • Take a mission how to put your content in front of a large audience.
  • And study on how you can be a Top 10 SEO searcher.

Read some Books about how to become an article editor and implement everything what you learn.This first part it involves editing your work. And it could mean re-writing your entire piece.

Example,! of this is The Elements of Style,” by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White. Once editing is done, the article is ready to ship.

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