CSC Reviewer Question and Answer 2020 Update

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In each of the following questions, find the word that is misspelled.

If all of the words are spelled correctly, choose answer d.

1.a. womenb. peoplec. babysd. no mistakes

2.a. radiosb. leavesc. alumnid. no mistakes

3.a. anouncementb. advisementc. descriptiond. no mistakes

4.a. omissionb. aislec. litratured. no mistakes

5.a. informalb. serventc. comfortabled. no mistakes

6.a. vegetableb. widthc. variationd. no mistakes

7.a. twentiethb. fortiethc. ninetiethd. no mistakes

8.a. associacionb. unnecessaryc. illegald. no mistakes

9.a. villinb. volunteerc. voraciousd. no mistakes

10.a. hindrenceb. equippedc. possessived. no mistakes

11.a. procedureb. judgmentc. testamonyd. no mistakes

12.a. explicitb. abductc. rotated. no mistakes

13.a. throughb. threwc. thoroughd. no mistakes

14.a. quantatyb. qualityc. quaintd. no mistakes

15.a. requirementb. reverencec. resistentd. no mistakes

16.a. incorporateb. contridictc. exhaled. no mistakes

17.a. pertainb. reverselc. memorizationd. no mistakes

18.a. marshalb. martialc. tyrennyd. no mistakes

19.a. optimumb. palpablec. plunderd. no mistakes

20.a. ravinousb. miraculousc. wondrousd. no mistakes

21.a. phenomonalb. emulatec. misconceptiond. no mistakes

22.a. mischiefb. temperturec. lovabled. no mistakes

23.a. stadiumb. competitorc. atheleticd. no mistakes

24.a. dictionaryb. auditoriumc. biologyd. no mistakes

25.a. geometryb. perimeterc. circumferanced. no mistakes

26.a. generalb. corporalc. lieutenantd. no mistakes

27.a. poltryb. rhubarbc. marmaladed. no mistakes

28.a. transparentb. strenthenc. lightningd. no mistakes

29.a. primarilyb. finallityc. specificallyd. no mistakes1 0 0

30.a. parliamentb. governorc. congressionald. no mistakes

31.a. relegiousb. insurancec. militaryd. no mistakes

32.a. mortarb. outweighc. pursued. no mistakes

33.a. balconyb. delenquentc. emergencyd. no mistakes

34.a. gratitudeb. horrendousc. forcastd. no mistakes

35.a. ketchupb. condimentc. relishd. no mistakes

36.a. rightiousb. strenuousc. manageabled. no mistakes

37.a. sincerlyb. faithfullyc. reliablyd. no mistakes

38.a. labelb. vacencyc. medald. no mistakes

39.a. bookkeepingb. accountingc. bankrupcyd. no mistakes

40.a. bungalowb. constructionc. architectured. no mistakes

41.a. crusadeb. politicalc. campaind. no mistakes

42.a. digestionb. resperationc. circulationd. no mistakes

43.a. potatoeb. artichokec. cucumberd. no mistakes

44.a. parachuteb. rehearselc. togetherd. no mistakes

45.a. intriguedb. hypnotizedc. fasinatedd. no mistakes

46.a.distructiveb. decisivec. distinguishedd. no mistakes

47.a. evaporateb. vanishc. disolved. no mistakes

48.a. illuminateb. enlightenc. clarifyd. no mistakes

49.a. abolishb. forfitc. negated. no mistakes

50.a. zoologyb. meterologyc. anthropologyd. no mistakes

51.a. ajournmentb. tournamentc. confinementd. no mistakes

52.a. vagueb. trepidationc. vengenced. no mistakes

53.a. tuitionb. mediocrec. tramendousd. no mistakes

54.a. integrityb. ingenuityc. immortalityd. no mistakes

55.a. conjunctionb. prepositionc. capitolizationd. no mistakes

56.a. narledb. knobbyc. blemishedd. no mistakes

57.a. bracketsb. parenthisisc. ellipsisd. no mistakes

58.a. visionaryb. virtuosoc. vigord. no mistakes

59.a. languageb. philosophyc. sonetd. no mistakes

60.a. depob. aislec. knightd. no mistakes

61.a. perscribeb. deviatec. plausibled. no mistakes1 0 2

62.a. associationb. personelc. solidarityd. no mistakes

63.a. playwrightb. dramaticc. actord. no mistakes

64.a. specializedb. negotiatec. scrutenyd. no mistakes

65.a. abundantb. bounteousc. luxurientd. no mistakes

66.a. gullableb. lyricalc. inheritanced. no mistakes

67.a. initialb. graditudec. influentiald. no mistakes

68.a. looselyb. emancipatec. muzzledd. no mistakes

69.a. colummb. businessc. acquisitiond. no mistakes

70.a. borderb. bullitinc. acquisitiond. no mistakes

71.a. ambassadorb. dignitaryc. embasyd. no mistakes

72.a. jockeyb. equestrianc. maneuverd. no mistakes

73.a. neverthelessb. neutralc. neuroticd. no mistakes

74.a. problematicb. questionairec. controversiald. no mistakes

75.a. discipleb. sublimec. zenethd. no mistakes

76.a. pungeantb. aromaticc. spicyd. no mistakes

77.a. restleb. perseverec. joustd. no mistakes

78.a. hybridb. hypnosisc. hygenicd. no mistakes

79.a. carriageb. carburatorc. chauffeurd. no mistakes

80.a. digestibleb. corrugatedc. currencyd. no mistakes

81.a. judiciousb. ilegalc. magistrated. no mistakes

82.a. colosalb. magnanimousc. extravagantd. no mistakes

83.a. correspondentb. corosivec. coronationd. no mistakes

84.a. acrobatb. somersaultc. gymnistd. no mistakes

For the following sentences, choose the sentencethat contains a misspelled word. If there are no mistakes, choose answer d.

85.a. We were disatisfied with the results of the experiment.b. Our office has a plentiful supply of staples.c. Stringent controls were placed on the county’s budget.d. no mistakes

86.a. Curt will probibly stay home tonight.b. The coach praised the team for last night’s game.c. It was a relief to learn that Brad had arrived safely.d. no mistakes

87.a. The speaker presented an idea that was foreign to us.b. Marcus spoke directly to the governor.c. The boys and girls in the musical gave a stunning performance.d. no mistakes

88.a. William is the most sensable person I know.b. The festival is held at a different time every year.c. It is customary for the members to arrive fashionably late.d. no mistakes

89.a. Her father is a captin in the navy.b. The weather here changes frequently.c. We adopted a new policy.d. no mistakes

90.a. Pick up the car on Wednesday.b. Let’s go shopping on Thursday.c. My birthday is on Saturday.d. no mistakes

91.a. There are many ways to increase your vocabulary.b. Read the fourth chapter by next week.c. You have thousands of choices.d. no mistakes

92.a. The welfare of the community depends on this decision.b. He is undecided about which job to accept.c. Unfortunatly, we do not have this sweater in another color.d. no mistakes

93.a. Check your paper to see if you have any misspellings.b. Safety is my primary concern.c. We are all individual and unique.d. no mistakes

94.a. I am going to wear my velvit skirt on NewYear’s Eve.b. The sentences in the second paragraph are too vague.c. George wrapped the birthday present for me.d. no mistakes

95.a. My friends bought a new home in an upscale community.b. I am truely sorry about the outcome.c. Rhoda has a private office.d. no mistakes

96.a. Mark carved the roast with a razor-sharp knife.b. You have been more than charitable.c. Which president is buried in this cemetary?d. no mistakes

97.a. He has revealed his innermost secrets.b. There is a town in New Mexico called Truth or Consequences.c. You think he is funny, but I think he is vulgar.d. no mistakes

98a. Her conversation was filled with sarcasim.b. I would like to be as poised as Susanna.c. You can learn self-confidence.d. no mistakes

99.a. Smart consumers read food labels.b. Your new dress is lovily.c. Did you see the lightning?d. no mistakes

100.a. The parachute opened properly.b. Carlos is a physical therapist.c. This story has received too much publisity.d. no mistakes

101.a. Her contribution was significant.b. Save all of your receipts.c. Lena has three great roommates.d. no mistakes

102.a. Mercury is a poisonous substance.b. Todd served in the militery for twenty years.c. Their relationship suffered as a result of his immaturity.d. no mistakes

103.a. She did not even aknowledge my presence.b. Do you think this is an attainable goal?c. For the fiftieth time, the answer is no.d. no mistakes

104.a. There is a five-year warranty on this appliance.b. Measure both the length and the width of the table.c. How many wittnesses do we have?d. no mistakes

105.a. Harry is a kind-hearted man.b. We have a fundimental difference of opinion.c. Your behavior can only be described as professional.d. no mistakes

106.a. A bad decision could have been detrimental to her health.b. Coffee is a stimulant.c. The color scheme in the living room was monochromatic.d. no mistakes

107.a. Scott was in unaform when he sat for the family portrait.b. The tenants’ association will hold its meeting tonight.c. This is the best value you will find anywhere.d. no mistakes

108.a. I am taking my neice and nephew to the amusement park.b. They placed their wedding announcement in the Sunday paper.c. That is one argument that will never be resolved.d. no mistakes

109.a. What is your assessment of the situation?b. How much paint do we need to compleat this job?c. Your assignment is to write a four-page report.d. no mistakes

110.a. I am planning to cook two turkeys on Thanksgiving.b. Why did you refuse to accept his offer?c. The traffic during rush hour today was unbelievable.d. no mistakes

111.a. The dancer was graceful and elegent.b. Is that horse a thoroughbred?c. He can be annoying and meddlesome.d. no mistakes

112.a. Avery’s thriftyness is sometimes a problem.b. Marlene is dignified and self-assured.c. You have given me the best advice I have ever had.d. no mistakes

113.a. My sister accepted an administrative position with the state department.b. Erin works for a federal agency in Chicago.c. Honesty is said to be the best policy.d. no mistakes

114.a. The actor’s illustrious career began almost fifty years ago.b. Poler bears are beautiful but dangerous creatures.c. A poll was conducted by the officials at the end of the election.d. no mistakes

115.a. Barbara is very ambitious and knows how to set goals.b. The actor bears a striking resemblence to Abraham Lincoln.c. Do not ruin your good reputation by making the wrong decision.d. no mistakes

116.a. A cup of herbal tea will sooth my nerves.b. I received lots of encouragement from myscience teacher.c. Alcohol acts as a depressant.d. no mistakes

117a. The orchestra played my favorite symphony.b. After registration, we will know if enrollment has increased or decreased.c. We paid homage to the soldiers who fought in the war.d. no mistakes

118.a. Meet me during intermission.b. He quareled frequently with other members of his family.c. She buys only quality merchandise.d. no mistakes

119.a. The movie was immensely popular with children.b. Joshua made a commitment to practice the piano every day.c. We do not know the correct pronnunciation.d. no mistakes

120.a. The winners received their prizes several days ago.b. The principle met with the members of the student council.c. How many passengers traveled by train?d. no mistakes

121.a. The scedule was posted on the bulletin board.b.Patrick made a solemn promise to arrive on time.c. I have an indoor thermometer on the wall in my kitchen.d. no mistakes

122.a. When will you have time to knit another sweater?b. The fireplace has become a focal point in the room.c. I have no knowlege of how the bicycle was damaged.d. no mistakes

123.a. The coach did not think the opposing team played aggressively.b. The mayor and the city manager were not in agreement.c. The basement of the building was like a dungeon.d. no mistakes

124.a. The scizzors were not sharp enough.b. The intense heat scorched my houseplants.c. The Milky Way is only one of many galaxies.d. no mistakes

125.a. Edwin made his announcement yesterday.b. It would not be a good idea to swim in such stagnant water.c. I want to buy a portable dishwasher.d. no mistakes

126.a. They hoped to avert a tragedy.b. The quartett sang at my sister’s wedding.c. Try to patronize your local stores.d. no mistakes

127.a. The guard dogs searched the premises.b. Due to the lack of rain, drought conditions exist.c. Is that a rhetorical question?d. no mistakes1 0 8

128.a. We knew that Ellen was embarassed.b. I am teaching my brother to read mathematical symbols.c. Neither Joe nor Gary has done any research for the report.d. no mistakes

129.a. The speaker elegantly defined the meaning of a democracy.b. Occasionally, our dog Skippy will dig under the fence.c. This weather is terribly depressing.d. no mistakes

130.a. All employees will be eligible for three weeks of vacation.b. The managment team promised to look into the situation.c. We studied the geology and topology of the region.d. no mistakes

131.a. The commissioner has assumed responsibility.b. Kate likes to visit with her nieghbor.c.This is not a commonly held viewpoint.d. no mistakes

132.a. Edith and her sister closely resemble one another.b. Her handwriting was barely legible.c. The butterfly’s wings are perfectly symetrical.d. no mistakes

133.a. Our company sent forty representatives to the meeting.b. When did you realize that the theory could not be proven?c. We both filled out an application for employment.d. no mistakes

134.a. All of the musicians were well trained.b. Thank you for your assistance and support.c. You are required to follow standard proceedures.d. no mistakes

135.a. I knew she was bored because she wriggled in her seat.b. If you want to succeed, please report to work imediately.c. He was conscious of his surroundings.d. no mistakes

136.a. My mother will soon celebrate her fortieth birthday.b. Autumn is my favorite time of year.c. My cousin will be skiing in Febuary.d. no mistakes

137.a. As treasurer, Jenny has complete financial responsibility.b. I have been assured that his illness is not contagious.c. The design for the book jacket seemed wierd.d. no mistakes

138.a. She is the only veterinarian that I will trust with my dachshunds.b. The senators will vote on two critical issues.c. Please pick up my prescription at the pharmacy.d. no mistakes

139.a. Rita is a freshman; her sister is a sophmore.b. My grandfather was a distinguished professor.c. This is the most efficient way.d. no mistakes

140.a. Sally plays five different musical instruments.b. Use your persuasive powers to get results.c. What are you wearing to the masquerade party?d. no mistakes

141.a. The hospital stocked a sufficient amount of anti-venom in case of snakebite.b. The new pharmicy has twenty-eight aisles.c. During the semester, we were required to read all of the stories in the anthology.d. no mistakes

142.a. After all, he is a bureaucrat.b. The fragrence from the lilac bushes permeated the room.c. I fractured my ankle playing soccer.d. no mistakes

143.a. His inaugeration speech was forty-three minutes long.b. There are too many people in the gymnasium.c. My brother has always been a nonconformist.d. no mistakes

144.a. Did you memorize the grammer rules?b. I will phone you tomorrow.c. Benedict Arnold was a traitor.d. no mistakes

145.a. Do not be deterred.b. Which is most economical?c. We made a unanimus decision.d. no mistakes

146.a. The painters forgot to take their ladders.b. Be careful not to make an irrational decision under the circumstances.c. The food critic overrated this restaurant.d. no mistakes

147.a. They began their ascent up the mountain.b. That chair is ancient and probably an antique.c. Since the reservoirs are full, there is an abundant water supply this year.d. no mistakes

148.a. The secretery of state spoke to the nation last Tuesday.b. Do you know what a promissory note is?c. We are unable to ascertain the truth.d. no mistakes

149.a. I think it is a mechanical problem.b. His credentials are impecable.c. He repeatedly interrupted the speaker.d. no mistakes

150.a. Harrison is a confirmed chocolate enthusiast.b. I am pleased to make your acquaintence.c. Is that a maple or a sycamore tree?d. no mistakes

151.a. I prefer to take the bus when it rains.b. In business math, I learned to reconcile my checkbook.c. Irene will study medicine next year.d. no mistakes

152.a. Mark Twain is a renowned writer who wrote about some notorius characters.b. Today, we are giving impromptu speeches in class.c. That is certainly a legitimate concern for each and every citizen.d. no mistakes

153.a. There will be elaborate preparations for the celebration.b. Who is responsible for this predicament?c. He distributed the pamplet yesterday.d. no mistakes

154.a. Elyse made a significant contribution.b. He owns eleven properties and a yacht.c. Her daughter’s siloette hung on the bedroom wall.d. no mistakes

155.a. I think we will use lacquer to finish the table.b. The laboratory is down that hallway.c. Our friendship was irrepairably damaged.d. no mistakes

156.a. There have been twenty burgleries in the neighborhood this year.b. He is the most belligerent person I have ever met.c. She received a citation for her bravery.d. no mistakes

157.a. They have the arduous task of counting all the votes.b. Put the horses back in the corral.c. The door is falling from the hinges of the dilapidated frame.d. no mistakes

158.a. That corporation is subsidized by the government.b. Did you get your tetinus shot?c. After her foot surgery, she was unable to ascend the stairs.d. no mistakes

159.a. The odor in the building made me nauseous.b. He believes that war is an imoral act.c. Watching too much television can affect mental acuity.d. no mistakes

160.a. What is the tariff on foreign car imports? b. The heart surgeon performed the delicate operation.c. I want to play in the chess tournament.d. no mistakes


1.C. Baby mistakes



5.b.servant mistakes mistakes



10.a. hindrance

11.c. testimony

12.d. no mistakes

13.d. no mistakes

14.a. quantity

15.c. resistant

16.b. contradict

17.b. reversal

18.c. tyranny

19.d. no mistakes

20.a. ravenous

21.a. phenomenal

22.b. temperature

23.c. athletic

24.d. no mistakes

25.c. circumference

26.d. no mistakes

27.a. poultry

28.b. strengthen

29.b. finality

30.d. no mistakes

31.a. religious

32.d. no mistakes

33.b. delinquent

34.c. forecast

35.d. no mistakes

36.a. righteous

37.a. sincerely

38.b. vacancy

39.c. bankruptcy

40.d. no mistakes

41.c. campaign

42.b. respiration

43.a. potato

44.b. rehearsal

45.c. fascinated

46.a. destructive

47.c. dissolve

48.d. no mistakes

49.b. forfeit

50.b. meteorology

51.a. adjournment

52.c. vengeance

53.c. tremendous

54.d. no mistakes

55.c. capitalization

56.a. gnarled

57.b. parenthesis

58.d. no mistakes

59.c. sonnet

60.a. depot

61.a. prescribe

62.b. personnel

63.d. no mistakes

64.c. scrutiny

65.c. luxuriant

66.a. gullible

67.b. gratitude

68.d. no mistakes

69.a. column

70.b. bulletin

71.c. embassy

72.d. no mistakes

73.d. no mistakes

74.b. questionnaire

75.c. zenith

76.a. pungent

77.a. wrestle

78.c. hygienic

79.b. carburetor

80.d. no mistakes

81.b. illegal

82.a. colossal

83.b. corrosive

84.c. gymnast

85a. dissatisfied

86.a. probably

87.d. no mistakes

88.a. sensible

89.a. captain

90.d. no mistakes

91.d. no mistakes

92.c. unfortunately

93.d. no mistakes

94.a. velvet

95.b. truly

96.c. cemetery

97.d. no mistakes

98.a. sarcasm

99.b. lovely

100.c. publicity

101d. no mistakes

102.b. military

103.a. acknowledge

104.c. witnesses

105.b. fundamental

106.d. no mistakes

107.a. uniform

108.a. niece

109.b. complete

110.d. no mistakes

111.a. elegant

112.a. thriftiness

113.d. no mistakes

114.b. polar

115.b. resemblance

116.a. soothe

117.d. no mistakes

118.b. quarreled

119.c. pronunciation

120.b. principal

121.a. schedule

122.c. knowledge

123.d. no mistakes

124.a. scissors

125.d. no mistakes

126.b. quartet

127.d. no mistakes

128.a. embarrassed

129.d. no mistakes

130.b. management

131.b. neighbor

132.c. symmetrical

133.d. no mistakes

134.c. procedures

135.b. immediately

136.c. February

137.c. weird

138.d. no mistakes

139.a. sophomore

140.d. no mistakes

141.b. pharmacy

142.b. fragrance

143.a. inauguration

144.a. grammar

145.c. unanimous

146.b. irrational

147.d. no mistakes

148.a. secretary

149.b. impeccable

150.b. acquaintance

151.d. no mistakes

152.a. notorious

153.c. pamphlet

154.c. silhouette

155.c. irreparably

156.a. burglaries

157.d. no mistakes

158.b. tetanus

159.b. immoral

160.a. tariff

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