1st Btach of PNP Attrition Quota is Now Open on February 1, 2021

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Good News to all aspiring PNP applicants, The Comprehensive Online Recruitment Processing System or PNP-CORPS, 1st Batch for Attrition Quota will be open on February 1, 2021 (Monday) at exactly 08:00 AM last to February 15, 2021. All Eligible professionals applicants especially medical practitioners are highly encourage to join the service.

Following Units/Offices are Open.

1. NCRPO; and

2. National Support Units (NSUs)
a. Anti-Cyber Crime Group (ACG);
b. EOD/K9;
c. Legal Service (LS);
d. Police Security and Protection Group (PSPG);
e. Communication and Electronics Service (CES);
f. Health Service (HS);
g. Maritime Group (MG);
h. Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG);
i. Headquarters Support Service (HSS);
j. PNP Drug Enforcement Group (PDEG);
k. Crime Laboratory (CL);
l. Intelligence Group (IG); and
m. PNP Retirement and Benefit Service (PRBS).

Applicants Must Be,
1. Filipino Citizen
2. Good moral character.
3. Physically and mentally fit.

4. Eligibility;
A. PNP entrance exam (NAPOLCOM)
B. Career Service Professional
C. R.A No. 1080 ( BAR and Board Exam)
D. R.A No. 6506 ( Board Criminology)
E. P.D No. 907 (CS Eligibility and Honor Graduate)

5. Not have been dishonorable discharged from military employment or dismissed for a cause from civilian position in the government.

6. Not Have been convicted by final judgment of offense or crime involving moral turpitude

7. At least 5’4’’ in height for male and 5’2’’ for female.

8. Weight not more or less than five kilogram (5kgs) from standard weight corresponding to his/her weight, age, sex

9. Not less than twenty-one (21) nor more than thirty (30) years of age.

For initial requirements, kindly prepare the following documents in PDF format:

A. Notarized CSC and PNP Personal Data Sheet (handwritten)

B. PSA issued Birth Certificate of Patrolman/Patrolwoman Applicant and Family Documents for Issuance of Certificate of Declared Beneficiary.
B.1- Computerized Affidavit of Confirmation
B.2- PSA issued Advisory on Marriage of PNP Personnel
B.3- PSA issued Advisory on Marriage of Spouse
B.4- PSA issued Marriage Contract
B.5- PSA issued Birth Certificate of Dependents
B.6- PSA issued Certificate of Non Marriage (CENOMAR)
B.7- Photocopy of valid ID with three (3) specimen signatures
*FOR MARRIED – B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 & B7
*FOR SINGLE – B1, B5, B6 & B7

C. Affidavit of Undertaking Regarding Incontestability of Declared Birth Date

D. Educational Background
*College Diploma & Transcript of Record (TOR)
*General Weighted Average (GWA) of TOR
*Good Moral Character (from school last attended)

E. Eligibility (NAPOLCOM/CSC/PRC/PD No. 907)
*Report of Rating
*PRC shall also attach the Authenticated PRC License

F. CLEARANCES – Authenticated copies
*National Police Clearance
*Mayor/ ADHOC Committee Recommendation

G. Service Record for previous employment on the government service if any (Original)

H. * 1 pc Colored whole body picture (JPEG)
* 1 pc Bust-size (JPEG)
* 2 pcs 2×2 colored with name tag (JPEG)
*(use white background)

I. Photo copy of Valid ID

J. Tax Identification Number

K. Height waiver, (Applicants that Height Below Limit)

Note/ Reminders:

1. For those applicants who are under height, kindly secure height waiver from NAPOLCOM.

2. For those applicants who have successfully uploaded their requirements last CY 2020, they need to reapply for Attrition Quota CY 2021.

Link Portal for Attrition Quota will be posted a day before the opening of online application.

Please be guided accordingly.

Source/Courtesy : PNP Recruitment Page, PNP FB Page.

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